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    What moisturizing skincare should dry, sensitive skin choose?

    What is the "Triple Trouble" of Dry Sensitive Skin?

    When the moisture inside the stratum corneum evaporates and gaps are created between the keratinocytes, the skin's barrier function and moisture retention function are severely compromised. No matter how much moisture is given to the skin in this state, it will immediately evaporate and the moisture condition inside the skin will not improve. Furthermore, applying skincare to dry skin not only makes it difficult for each item to be absorbed, but also causes burning, itching, and pain.

    When the skin is dry and the barrier function has been weakened, it becomes a triple whammy: moisture tends to escape, skincare is difficult to apply, and the skin is vulnerable to irritation.
    If you stop taking care of your skin because cosmetics are stinging, the skin will become even drier and the barrier will deteriorate. However, it is difficult to continue to take care of the skin in this condition, and normal care will not bring any improvement. This is the bad cycle of skincare that plagues people with dry and sensitive skin.

    What is the best way to take care of sensitive skin to get out of the bad cycle?

    This is the vicious cycle of sensitive skin, where conventional skincare doesn't work and neglecting it worsens the condition. In order to get out of this vicious cycle and lead your skin in a healthy direction, you need to take care of your sensitive skin.

    What is needed for sensitive skin care to escape the vicious cycle is "hypoallergenic" and "ceramide supplementation. In order to avoid the vicious cycle, skincare for sensitive skin needs to be hypoallergenic and ceramide replenishing.

    What are the skincare items that are low in irritation and supply ceramides?

    Ceramide is a natural moisturizer found in the skin, and it is a substance that does not irritate the skin. However, there are a variety of ceramides that are used in cosmetics. For skin that is hypersensitive to stimuli, it is best to choose cosmetics that contain natural ceramides derived from animals, which are known for their high penetrating power, or human ceramides, which are produced from yeast and have a composition that is as close as possible to human ceramides.

    Even the best skin care products can be irritating to the skin if applied in the wrong way. For example, using hot water to wash your face can wash away the oil that your skin needs, and scrubbing your face when cleansing and washing can damage your skin due to friction.

    Simple is best when it comes to sensitive skin care. "The best way to care for sensitive skin is to keep it simple and to use only the most effective products. In addition, try to use make-up items that can be easily removed with water or lukewarm water, and be gentle to the skin to avoid irritation.

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