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  • Why does itchy skin occur? Causes and Solutions

    The more you scratch, the itchier it gets... What is itchy skin? When we use skin care products that don't suit our skin, when we expose our skin to the sun for a long time and are exposed to a lot of UV rays, or when we expose our skin to dry air in winter... We feel itchiness on our skin in various situations. It is known that itchy nerve fibers extend toward the surface of the skin when the skin is dry. This is the cause of the itchy sensation in dry skin. "Itching in itself is not that big o…

  • Is dry, sensitive skin more susceptible to UV damage?

    Skin with impaired barrier function is skin that can't get over external stimuli We tend to think of "dry skin" as one of the "skin problems" on the same level as wrinkles, spots, sagging and dullness, and rough skin. However, dry skin is not only an unpleasant symptom on its own, but also a factor that can cause other skin problems. "It's no exaggeration to say that dry skin is the source of all skin problems. When the skin is dry, its natural barrier function is weakened, and it is unable to a…

  • What moisturizing skincare should dry, sensitive skin choose?

    What is the "Triple Trouble" of Dry Sensitive Skin? When the moisture inside the stratum corneum evaporates and gaps are created between the keratinocytes, the skin's barrier function and moisture retention function are severely compromised. No matter how much moisture is given to the skin in this state, it will immediately evaporate and the moisture condition inside the skin will not improve. Furthermore, applying skincare to dry skin not only makes it difficult for each item to be absorbed, bu…

  • What is the condition of dry, sensitive skin?

    What kind of skin is "sensitive skin"? Have you ever had to choose between "dry", "oily", or "sensitive" skin when asked about your skin condition during a consultation at a cosmetic counter or when filling out your medical record? "Dry/oily skin is not the same as sensitive skin, which is the skin's resistance to irritation. This is because there are many cases where the two conditions overlap, such as when the skin is both sensitive and dry. What does "sensitive skin" mean? "There are many dif…

  • Can ceramide be obtained from food?

    Can you increase the amount of ceramide, which is essential for beautiful, firm skin, by eating it? Ceramide is a lipid that is found in the stratum corneum of the skin and plays an important role in retaining moisture. Ceramides are important for keeping skin moist and beautiful, but they also tend to decrease due to aging and stress. Ceramides work in the stratum corneum of the epidermis, which is close to the surface of the skin, so using cosmetics that contain ceramides is expected to have s…

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