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    Is dry, sensitive skin more susceptible to UV damage?

    Skin with impaired barrier function is skin that can't get over external stimuli

    We tend to think of "dry skin" as one of the "skin problems" on the same level as wrinkles, spots, sagging and dullness, and rough skin. However, dry skin is not only an unpleasant symptom on its own, but also a factor that can cause other skin problems. "It's no exaggeration to say that dry skin is the source of all skin problems.

    When the skin is dry, its natural barrier function is weakened, and it is unable to absorb various external stimuli. Normally, the surface of the skin is able to bounce back and keep the internal condition of the skin constant, but dryness, ultraviolet rays, germs, friction, and other stimuli can cause the skin to become irritated and overreact.

    There will be people whose skin reacts hypersensitively to insect bites, slips on collars and other parts of the body caused by clothes, dust and dead mites. The skin of these so-called "weak skinned" people can be said to have sensitive skin whose condition is not stable, and it is hypersensitive to various external stimuli.

    Dry sensitive skin is more susceptible to UV damage

    The reason why people with dry and sensitive skin worsen their skin condition when they expose their skin to the sun is because the UV light stimulates the skin to react with inflammation, which leads to further dryness. For people with stable skin conditions, even a mild irritation can trigger pain, itching, burning and inflammation in sensitive skin.

    When it comes to skin problems caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation, blemishes are the first thing that comes to mind. Normally, when we are exposed to sunlight, melanin pigments are produced inside the skin to protect it from the harmful effects of UV rays. However, the pigment cells in the basal layer constantly produce new melanin and distribute it to the surrounding keratinocytes.

    Blemishes are thought to be caused by a mistake in the genes of the keratinocytes that give orders for melanin production due to continuous exposure to UV rays since childhood. In other words, if the genes of some of the keratinocytes are wrong, then only the affected areas will have spots.

    UV care is important for dry and sensitive skin

    There are two types of ultraviolet rays: B-wave, which is genetically prone to mistakes, and A-wave, which damages skin cells with active oxygen. A-waves reach the earth's surface in abundance even in winter, and since they penetrate through window glass, we are exposed to them even in our cars and houses. The A-wave not only darkens spots once they appear, but also lowers the function of the skin's immune system and has recently been shown to be a cause of skin malignancies.

    Dry and sensitive skin is also vulnerable to irritation from UV rays. And not only during the sunny season, ultraviolet rays are falling all year round. Protect your skin from UV rays by using sun screen products that stop B and A waves from spreading.

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