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    Why does itchy skin occur? Causes and Solutions

    The more you scratch, the itchier it gets... What is itchy skin?

    When we use skin care products that don't suit our skin, when we expose our skin to the sun for a long time and are exposed to a lot of UV rays, or when we expose our skin to dry air in winter... We feel itchiness on our skin in various situations. It is known that itchy nerve fibers extend toward the surface of the skin when the skin is dry. This is the cause of the itchy sensation in dry skin. "Itching in itself is not that big of a problem, it's just a common phenomenon.

    When we feel itchy, we tend to scratch the affected area. By scratching the affected area, the epidermis in that area becomes rough. This condition lowers the barrier function of the skin and further irritates the skin, leading to more itching. We have all experienced this feeling of "the more I scratch, the itchier I get" at one time or another.

    "Itching occurs when our skin reacts to external stimuli. This is why itching is more common in sensitive skin, where the skin is hypersensitive. In sensitive skin, the skin's barrier function does not work properly, which is thought to cause the nerves to extend to the skin surface. This makes the skin more sensitive to external stimuli and more prone to itching.

    To combat itchiness, we need to "remove the cause" and "improve the skin condition.

    Itchy skin is a nuisance that can make us lose concentration on our studies or work. Sometimes it even interferes with our sleep. What can we do to soothe this itch?

    One of the first things we can do is to avoid the external stimuli that cause itching. You can stop using cosmetics that do not suit your skin, use parasols and hats to avoid exposing your skin to the sun, and avoid exposing your skin to dry air. By keeping your skin away from irritants, symptoms such as itching and inflammation will gradually subside.

    However, even if the symptoms subside, if you don't improve the condition of your skin, the itching will come back the moment you come in contact with the irritation again. To solve itchiness from the root, it is necessary to keep the external stimuli away from the skin and at the same time, restore the skin's natural barrier function that protects it from those stimuli.

    Moisturizing and ceramide supplementation are important to restore the barrier function.

    Ceramides in the intercellular lipids of the stratum corneum play a major role in the barrier function that protects the skin from external stimuli. A study of dry, sensitive skin shows that the amount of ceramides in the skin has decreased, and this is thought to be the reason why the barrier function is compromised. In order to restore the barrier function, it is important to replenish the ceramides needed in the stratum corneum of the epidermis.

    In the normal stratum corneum, the stratum corneum is filled with moisture, which is protected from evaporation by ceramides and other barrier functions. In order to restore the barrier function, it is essential to fill the stratum corneum with moisture. However, when the skin lacks ceramide, no matter how much moisture is given to the skin, it evaporates immediately and does not stay in the skin. It is essential to take care of your skin by moisturizing it and replenishing ceramide at the same time.

    In order to reduce itchy skin, it is also important to adjust your lifestyle by reviewing your sleep and eating habits, and try to live a stress-free life. However, before that, it is necessary to first lead dry and sensitive skin to a normal functioning skin. The most important thing to do is to moisturize and replenish ceramide.

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